Thriller Live arrives in Perth!

So we've arrived in sunny Perth and given Australian audiences their first taste of Thriller Live!

After 2 well-received previews, we're gearing up for the official opening night tonight, which is going to be a blast. The show is looking and sounding great. The band is cooking - so glad to be on the road with some of my favourite Aussie musicians - Darryn Farrugia on drums, Tony Azzopardi on percussion, Victor Rounds on bass and John Bettison on guitar. Great blokes and great players.

Also a shout out to my local cafe Pinocchio's in Bardwell Park for looking after me on a pretty much daily basis when I'm back home in Sydney! When I told them I was going on tour they gave me this little guy:

to take with me so I started the #pinocchioontour series for a behind-the-scenes look at Thriller Live. It's also fitting as Pinocchio was Michael Jackson's favourite cartoon character. Poignant!

Off now to enjoy the awesome Perth sunshine - stay tuned for more Thriller Live updates!

Mike x